Saturday, March 21, 2015

A Couple of Tweaks

Changed the background (the Hummingbirds were bugging me) and the text from a funky mustard for clicked links and lime green hover to blue tones.

I think charcoal is complimentary. Maroon might make a nice contrast color.


  1. I like the background and the idea of the blue, charcoal and maroon. It looks good on my phone (and we need to bear mobile uses in mind as surveys say a majority of people surf more on their phones/tablets than computers nowadays).

  2. Yes, great point. That's something Angela James really stressed about blogs. They MUST be mobile friendly because so many people are online via their cell phones. (Like me. Right now.)

    Other tweaks I made included increasing font size so the posts are more readable both on a computer and on a mobile. So many blog formats use little teeny fonts.

  3. BTW, the font for the text boxes is more a dark gray than black. I like it because it's "softer" on my eyes than the starker black against white, but what do you all think?

  4. Well, it's readable but black gives a better contrast. I'm not hugely fussed though. The font size is fine - even without expanding I can read the text.


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